Finance Products

You trust Hyundai Translead to provide the right equipment for the job. Trust in Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance to provide you with the financial vehicle to drive that acquisition.


Loans are designed to provide easy, affordable equipment financing for businesses that want to own and depreciate the asset but prefer not to expend a large cash outlay to cover the total equipment cost upfront. Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance Loans are easy and the application process is fast.

    True Lease (Fair Market Value)

    With a True Lease the Lessor (Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance) retains ownership and Title to the equipment and the Lessee (Customer) retains possession and pays only for use of the equipment.

    • Provides the lowest monthly payment
    • Upgrade to new equipment, and a new lease
    • Best option if you want to return the equipment at the end of the term and upgrade to new equipment
    • You may be able to claim lease payments as an operating expense (for more information, consult with your accountant)
    • At lease-end, you have the option to:
      • Purchase the equipment for “Fair Market Value”
      • Continue to lease the equipment with a new lease at a reduced rate, with payments based on the fair market value amount, and over a new term to align with changing needs going forward
      • Return the equipment
    TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) Lease

    A TRAC Lease is designed for vehicles in commercial use that offers the option of buying the leased vehicles at a pre-determined price when the lease term expires.

    • Reduces the uncertainty of a monthly payment, at an attractive price
    • Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance purchases the equipment and retains the Title to the equipment – Lessee uses the equipment for the specified term at fixed monthly payments
    • At the end of the TRAC Lease term, Lessee may choose to purchase the equipment for the predetermined “Residual Value”
    • If the equipment is returned, upon equipment disposition, if the net proceeds exceed the residual value owed, HTTF will pay the difference. If the net proceeds are less than the residual value, Lessee will pay the difference to HTTF as an additional payment.
    Full Payout Lease

    A Full Payout Lease is the best option for customers who want affordable payments and want to own the equipment at the end. Title will transfer to you automatically.