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Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance (HTTF)

HTTF provides flexible financing solutions for obtaining the equipment you need for your business. We will consult with you to deliver a competitive finance structure to meet your needs and budget: fast, easy, and convenient.

Finance Products

You trust Hyundai Translead to provide the right equipment for the job.
Trust in Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance to provide you with the financial vehicle to drive that acquisition.




Full Payout

Payment Plans

Customized and Structured Solutions

Seasonal Payment Plans

Seasonal Payment Plans are structured to line up with the uneven cash flows generated.

Step-Up Payment Plans

Step-Up Payment Plans are structured to match anticipated business growth over the finance term.

Consider the Benefits

Financing your equipment — whether it’s a single trailer or a large fleet – through Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance (HTTF) offers you flexible equipment acquisition options, with a wide variety of benefits.

In fact, that is why 8 out of 10 businesses choose to finance equipment. Financing can help independent contractors, owner-operators and fleet managers increase profits…

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